Blum Online Product Configurator

Blum Online Product Configurator

Blum's Online Product Configurator (OPC) allows for the quick, easy and convenient selection and design of a broad range of Blum fitting solutions.

The configurator helps to support with cabinet planning information, by suppling 2D and 3D CAD files as well as providing extensive information on Blum products through the use of product videos, brochures, installation drawings and complete part lists.

Advantages of the program:


Using the Blum Online Product Configurator via the Wilson & Bradley site allows for a seamless process of ordering. Simply follow these easy steps to process your orders

  1. Login to E-Services with your Blum login
  2. Choose the product range you would like the OPC to assist in helping you find find the right fittings solutions quickly and easily
  3. Follow the OPC prompts until you have completed the process, ensuring you enter the all information correctly including measurements and your desired finishes
  4. The Blum OPC will create a parts list for you which you can turn into an order on the Wilson & Bradley site by first clicking the shopping cart to "add to cart"
  5. When finished on the Blum OPC and you are ready to order the parts, enter the shopping cart, then click export and then transmit
  6. You will be re-directed back to the Wilson & Bradley website with your parts list already sitting in your Wilson & Bradley shopping cart

Please note to access the full functionality of the Blum Online Product Configurator and Wilson & Bradley integration you will require a registered Blum E-Services login. A guest login cannot be used.

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