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For over 50 years the family owned company Blum has been turning the opening and closing of furniture into an experience that increases the comfort of motion in all areas of the house, but focusing on the kitchen. 

Blum fittings are synonymous with ''high quality'' well-thought-out function, design and high durability.  These qualities spark inspiration and make an exciting experience out of day-to-day kitchen tasks.


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Westermann & Co. was founded in 1867 as a family business and since then has grown into a company which supplies more than 50 waste bins in various designs.

Wesco design is characterised by the company's long-standing experience with metal as working material.  Becuase Wesco is familiar with the materials they work with, they are able to shape it in new and exciting ways.


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Over the last 20 years King Slide has grown to be a major manufacturer of furniture hardware.  Consistent high quality product and well planned production capacity have earned the trust of customers world-wide. 

Three driving values have contributed to their achievements to date and will keep propelling them into the future.  Quality, Technology and Innovation.


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L&S LED Lighting is a world renowned brand based in Europe who are known for their attention to detail, advanced product development and above all else their standard of quality.  


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Sige's mission has always been to provide the customer with a range of products which captures style, functionality and a modern design.  The Infinity Plus range boasts a unique modern design which aims to enhance and re-define the kitchen which surrounds it. 

The range achieves functionality on a number of levels; not only is every product easy to install but also easy to operate making the time spent in the kitchen a more efficient and pleasant experience.  Sige uses only high quality materials, such as the flat wire and its chromed finished and teams this with clean solid bases to create a distinct finish.


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Representing the ultimate in design and style, Alsert Doors can be used on a variety of kitchen applications including cabinet doors, pantry doors, sliding doors, bi-fold doors and drawer fronts. Their aluminium profiles and frames are available in a range of styles and finishes to suit any design and décor including gloss white, gloss black, champagne, clear anodised aluminium and brushed stainless steel. 


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Sheh Fung Screws Co., Ltd, a specialist in manufacturing screws, was established by president Lucky Tu in 1973.  Over the past three decades, Sheh Fung has spared no efforts in promoting innovation through R&D and the accumulated experiences and expertise of its employees.

The company has been consistent in pursuing excellence, quality, and the most state-of-the-art technologies.


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Cowdroy has always placed it's emphasis on the design and development of new products according to market demands. 

Independent design, research and development has, and always will be, an ongoing issue at Cowdroy's to ensure the continuation of new and exciting products.


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Dias Aluminium Products was established in 1986 and has earned a reputation for being leaders in design, acquisition, distribution and marketing of Aluminium extrusions and components.


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Consolidated Veneers has been servicing the Australian decorative panel, cabinet and joinery industries since 1963.  Consolidated Veneers is Australian owned and operated and is built on the philosophy of high standards of both quality and service.

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Titebond Adhesives offer a line of products which cater to the professional woodworker as well as the larger furniture and woodworking markets.  Their wood glues are at the leading edge of technology and will continue to meet the needs of the Australian woodworking market.


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TAC Adhesives is an Australian manufacturer of high quality solvent and water based adhesives. TAC Adhesives has a strong customer focus, working closely with them to determine the best adhesive solution for their application through innovation and experience.


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The Tensor adhesive range is designed to go farther, apply faster, and be greener and cleaner than legacy products.  Tensor's range is cost effective, efficient and safe.

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Hermes Abrasives has been a world market leader in the production of coated and bonded abrasives with production facilities and subsidiaries in four continents.

Hermes Abrasives are used to make functional and aesthetically attractive surfaces in every conceivable sphere, including the furniture industry.


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Endeavour tools are one of Australia's leading wholesale distributors of premium quality automotive and industrial hand tools.  Endeavour represent over 20 leading global brands, specialising in air tools, impact bits & sockets, lifting clamps, security fasteners, and safety tools.

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Zipbolt Pty Ltd is an Australian company with a focus on innovative and original solutions for a wide range of woodworking industries, born out of the need to save time and ease of use. 


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Thingamejig offers high quality tools at a reasonable price.  Thingamejig tools will save you time and always get you an accurate finish. 


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Established in 1979, Armstrong manufacturers superior goods such as cabinet glass locks, combination locks and steel locks that are sold all over the world.


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Wilson & Bradley are proud distributors of Soudal adhesives, Europe's leading manufacturer of sealants, foams and adhesives. Our range is made up of the best products from their Fix-All range as well as accessories such as hand wipes, nozzles and an applicator gun.


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Crafted in Denmark, Furnipart has more than 30 years' experience designing, developing and supplying designer handles for the kitchen and bathroom industry. They are continuously presenting unique design ideas with all handles being crafted by award winning designers and sold all over the world.


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