1. Can I purchase products via your website without a trading account?

Yes, anyone is able to order via the Wilson & Bradley products. To order without a trading account simply create a guest login. Setting up a guest login is a quick and easy once off set up and your login can be used anytime you wish.


 2. How do I apply for a trading account?

You can download a trading account application form via the Media Centre tab. Please print and fill in this form and simply email or fax back to us at the contact details on the form. We offer both COD and 30 day accounts. Please note 3 trade references will need to be supplied if you are applying for a 30 day account.


3. How long will it take for account to be opened?

A COD can be opened on the same day, as long as our Terms & Conditions are signed. Trading accounts typically take 48 hours however this is entirely dependent on how quickly we are supplied references by the trade references you have supplied. You will be notified by our accounts department once your account has been successfully opened. 


4. I already have a trading account with Wilson & Bradley, how do I apply for a web login?

Applying for a web account is easy, click here and fill in the required fields, your new login details will be emailed to you within 24-48 hours.


5.  I am a NON-ACCOUNT customer and I have forgotten my web password details, how can I get these details?

Click on the Forgotten Your Password link on the login page, enter the email address you used when setting up your login originally and your password will be emailed to you.


6. I am an ACCOUNT customer and I have forgotten my web login details, how can I get these details?

Send us a message via our Contact Us Page and we will send you your details.


 7. How can I find the product I am after?

There are two ways to search for products, you can enter product description, brand or product code into the search box in the top banner of every page. Or alternatively click on the Our Products Tab and navigate your way through our product range by clicking on either the menu items on the left or the picture menu in the centre of the page. 


 8.  Is your full range of products available to order online?

Yes our entire range is available to be viewed and purchased online. The only products not visible are our made to order products such as Alsert doors and Tambortech Roller shutters. To purchase Tambortech Rollershutters please download an order form. 

To purchase Alsert Doors please use our Alsert Doors Online Ordering System


9.  I only know the Blum code for the product I am after, how do I find out the corresponding Wilson & Bradley code?

That's fine, you can still enter the Blum code into the search box and the corresponding product will be found.


10. I want to order a full Blum TANDEMBOX antaro or intivo drawer or a Blum LEGRABOX drawer without having to select all the component parts

No problem, you can order individual Blum items by searching for the product in the search bar or by navigating through the product menu however if you want to order all component parts for TANDEMBOX antaro or TANDEMBOX intivo drawers with just the click of a mouse then visit the Kit code section of the website. Click on Our Products Then Click the drawer range you desire on the left hand side navigation under the 'Kits' Heading. Then it is just a matter of choosing the drawer you want and clicking "add to cart".


11. What are your Delivery Fees?

We charge a small delivery fee based on whether your delivery address is classified as a metro or country address. The delivery fee is shown in your shopping cart when you place your order.

You can also elect to pick your order up from your closest branch or to have your order picked up by a courier between 8.30am-4pm Monday-Friday. To do this tick the pick-up option when on the delivery page of check out and the delivery fee will be removed. Please allow at least 2 hours for a pick-up order.

Orders cannot be added to at time of collection under any circumstance. 

We also offer a same day delivery service for $40 ex GST. Please note this service is only available for metro customers only and orders must be placed between 7am-11am Monday-Friday.

 All customers with a delivery address postcode within 5km radius of any of our branches will be charged a special reduced rate delivery fee of $6 for orders placed via the website ONLY.

The postcodes which fall within the $6 delivery fee range are as follows;

 Please ensure you are present for delivery, if you are not there to take delivery of your order and delivery is attempted within business hours you may be charged an additional delivery fee.       


3053 3084 4108 5033 5046
3056 3085 4109 5034 5047
3057 3086 4110 5035 5048
3058 3123 4112 5037 5052
3070 2145 4113 5038 5061
3071 2146 4115 5039 5062
3072 2148 4116 5040  
3073 2160 4117 5041
3078 2164 6064 5042
3079 2165 6065 5043
3081 2176 6026 5044
3083 4077 6027 5045


12.  When will my order be delivered?

Metro Customers- If your order is placed before 2pm we guarantee next day delivery anytime between 8am- 5pm. We are unfortunately unable to give you an exact delivery time.

*This doesn't include custom made items such as roller shutters and custom made doors

Country Customers- If your order is placed before 2pm we guarantee delivery within 2 days, 8.30am-5pm.

 *This doesn't include custom made items such as roller shutters and custom made doors


13.  If I place more than one order before 2pm will I be charged multiple delivery fees?

No, once the orders in our warehouse are ready to be dispatched on the same delivery the delivery fees will be removed from any subsequent orders. Please note all orders must be placed before 2pm.


14.  Can I Pick up my order?

Yes orders can be placed via our online shopping store for pick up at a later date. Simply select pick up on the delivery page of the check-out process and the delivery fee will be removed. 

Please note orders must be picked up at the designated customer pick up area at despatch of each warehouse between 8.30am-4pm Monday-Friday. 

No additions to pick-up orders will be accepted under any circumstance, this ensures pick-ups are a smooth process for everyone and that your order is back on its way to you is quickly as possible. If you do wish to add subsequent items to your order please call us in advance on 1800 633 507. Alternatively you can place a new order at our sales counter when you come to collect however you may experience a delay as your order won't be pre-packed. 

We encourage all pre-placed pick up orders to be paid for prior to collection. Payment on arrival may delay your pick up. If you do wish to pay for your order at time of collection please do so at our Sales Counter prior to arriving at the Customer Pick Up Area.

Any orders picked up after 2pm must be pre-paid as our Sales Counter is closed.

We do not accept cheques.

You may also elect to have your order picked up by a courier. if you wish to arrange a courier to pick up the order for you please select “pick up by courier” on the delivery page of check out. Please advise your courier to arrive between 8.30am- 4pm Monday- Friday.

Orders not collected within 2 weeks will be credited and stock returned. 


15. Do you have any showrooms where I can view your products?

Yes we have branches in most capital cities view our Locations page for address details. Our showrooms are open between 8.30am-2pm Monday- Friday. Order can still be picked up by courier only after 2pm from the dispatch area but no orders can be added to at time of collection. 


16.  What payment methods do you offer?


We accept Credit Card Payments including VISA and Mastercard. All Credit card payments incur a 1.75% surcharge

Your can also elect to pay for your order using PoLi payment system which effectively is a secure and integrated system for EFT bank transfer.

ACCOUNT Customers

All COD customers must pay for their goods prior to their goods being dispatched. This can be done via credit card or POLi at check out. Alternatively place your order and arrange for a EFT funds transfer. Be sure to send our accounts department a remittance so that the goods can be dispatched. accounts@wilbrad.com.au 

Account customers with a 30 Day credit limit can place their orders via the website and pay via other means when payment is due. Please use the "Accounts Payment" portal of My Online Services for a seamless way to pay for you invoices. 

You can also use the payment system PoLi to pay for either your order at the time of finalising your order or for a previous order placed on your account in the account payment area. When you select to pay via PoLi you will be directed to the PoLi website where you will choose your relevent bank. From here PoLi will take you directly to a pre-filled funds transfer in your internet banking where you will simply need to verify the payment with your internet banking login details. Please note there are no charges to use PoLi to pay for orders.


17.  I have made an order but I don't want to place it right now, can I save my order to place at a later time?

If you are in the shopping cart but don't want to place your order right now, just click 'save to favourites' and the contents of your shopping cart will be saved as a favourite order in the 'Favourites' section of My Online Services. You can then login at a later date, select the relevant favourite list and click 'add to cart' and place your order at a time convenient to you.


18.  How do I know if you have received my order?

Once you have finalised your order you will receive an email confirmation to the email address you supplied at time of setting up your web login. If you have received this email confirmation then we have received your order. Please allow a half hour, if you haven't received your email confirmation after this time please contact us to ensure your order has been received. Please be sure to check your junk and SPAM folders in case the order confirmation has found it's way there. 


19.  Can I view previous orders I have placed?

You sure can, once you have logged in simply click on the 'Purchase History' in My Online Services and you can view all previous orders, both online and by other means (account customers only, non-account can only view online ordering history).

You can even turn a previous order into a new order by clicking 'Add to Cart'


20.  I need more technical information or specifications on a product I am viewing online

Specifications and instructions for quite a few of our more technical products can be found in the Media Centre under Installation Instructions. There will also be a link on the specific product page to the installation instruction for those products which require them. If you are looking for instructions for a product and cannot find it online please send us a message via our Contact Us page and we will endeavour to find what you require and send it through to you.


21.  I require a Safety Data Sheet on one of your products

These can be found in the Media Centre section of the website. Here you can find safety data sheetsinstruction sheetsapplication formsbrochures and instructional videos.


22.  Do you have any installation videos I can view to better understand the product

Yes some of our products have corresponding installation videos to help you with fitting of the product. These can be found in our Media Centre under Installation Videos


23.  How do I update the contact details and address I see when I login


If any of the Account Details you see when first logging in are incorrect or need to be altered, please send us a message via our Contact Us page and we will change the necessary details in our system.

You can change the email address that your order confirmation is sent to either by changing this permanently on the account details page when you login or for a specific order during the check out process.



Once you are logged in click 'Online Shopping'. Update the relevant details and click 'Update Profile', your new details will now be saved for future orders.


24.  I need further information how can I get in contact with you

You can send us a message directly through our website at the Contact Us Page. Please follow the link below. or call one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives on 1800 633 507


25. Why am I being charged an invoice fee on my order under $55 inc GST? 

You will be charged an invoice fee of $16.50 inc GST for any order placed under $55 inc GST. This is to encourage consolidating multiple orders placed on the same day so that we can better service you by getting your delivery to you as quickly as possible.